CUE DEE develops and supplies masts, towers and supports.

Wind products

CUE DEE provides the equipment to make your wind energy project reliable and accurate.

FOR A ENERGY WIND PROJECT the wind measurement data is of utmost importance. How these data are obtained and how reliable they are is determined by the obvious fact – the equipment has to be in operation – continuously and without technical failures - throughout the entire measurement period.

First of all, the wind measurement mast must remain standing. In all climates and terrains. The high-quality equipment from CUE DEE has become the natural choice for customers demanding the highest quality,


all over Europe. Ask us for references – or better still, ask our customers.

CUE DEE has delivered the highest masts for wind measurement purposes in Europe. We can supply you with masts up to 150-200 m.

How can such light equipment still be so durable? This is a common question. The CUE DEE wind measurement masts are very light and delivered in sections. Easy to transport, easy to assemble on site.

The answer is the innovative design, based on more than 30 years of experience from mast and tower solutions, giving advantages such as low wind resistance, optimal use of the material and low maintenance costs.
Supplying the most economic and competitive solution to our customers is the challenge that drives us. We always look forward to a successful relationship with old and new customers!

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